Merry Holidays!

(Adults Only 18+)

By LOLShock

The Merry Holidays Work of Art

The Merry Holidays video has been created to challenge the viewer to think deeply about their life and undertake introspection about their place in the universe. The video contains footage of an actor performing a number of sexual activities while talking to the camera. Amongst the activities are - spanking his own ass with a small paddle, lighting a firecracker in his ass and inserting a banana up his ass.

As an artwork, this piece has been shot in a home video style to appear to be the work of a deranged sexual pervert (similar to Clown Song and 1 Man 1 Jar), however the underlying themes run much deeper. The video effectively forces the viewer to consider reality through the lense of the other, providing a clue to the limits of culture as a point of departure to understand consciousness.

Merry holidays and happy xmas!
Adults ONLY 18+ Video

Gobble Gobble! Gobble Gobble!

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